Ivan Savitskiy wins the final stage of Tour de Slovaquie

Gazprom — RusVelo performed on the top level at the final stage of the Tour de Slovaquie. After four craggy and mountainous racing days, Ivan Savitskiy found his sprinter’s legs on the concluding stage prevailing in the bunch sprint and leaving his contenders behind. The mostly flat course of 152,5 kilometres offered the best chance for Ivan Savitskiy to justify his sprinting abilities.


Anton Vorobyev and Artem Ovechkin were fiercely competing on every stage, especially on the final day allowing their teammates to save some energy and bring Ivan Savitskiy to the front position at the crucial moment.


Ivan Savitskiy delighted with his first win in 2017: “The altimetry of today’s stage was the most suitable for me. However, side-winds played a huge role and made the stage more challenging. Fortunately, we managed to keep up together and show a great teamwork. Things really got heated in the final 15 kilometres, when the breakaway was caught and Anton Vorobyev punctured, but Nikolay Trusov was there to support me and he did a great job to bring me up to the front position. After the last turn I decided to attack on the final 500 metres. Being third I managed to start the sprint right on time to leave my contenders behind. I want to thank all the team for the great performance, without their efforts this result won’t be possible!”


Photo: Tour de Slovaquie Press Office