Gazprom – RusVelo riders won three medals in the second round of UCI Track World Cup

Last weekend 10-12 November the second round of UCI Track Cycling World Cup took place in Manchester. Riders of Gazprom – RusVelo Anastasia Voinova and Daria Shmeleva improved their results after the first round of Track World Cup and claimed three medals.

On Friday Voinova and Shmeleva were second in team sprint, being edged out only by the German team. On the second racing day Daria Shmeleva demonstrated an imposing result – 33,613 seconds in 500m time trial and became a gold medallist.

Photo: UCI

On the concluding day of competitions Anastasia Voinova clinched a podium taking bronze in individual sprint.

For the first two rounds of Track World Cup members of Gazprom – RusVelo Anastasia Voinova and Daria Shmeleva enlarged Russian national collection with five medals.

Vladimir Kiriltsev, Russian national team sprint coach said: “With no doubt, we can say that the second round of World Cup went quite successful. Especially, if you take into account the fact that this was the third block of competitions in a fairly short time. We were heading to Manchester with our fingers crossed, hoping that our riders have managed to recover enough to win at least one medal. Eventually, Anastasia (Voinova) and Daria (Shmeleva) demonstrated an impressive performance, which resulted in three medals. So, we are happy with the results. As for the rest, we just dream about it, in four days we are heading to Portugal to complete the final stage of preparation for the upcoming starts.”