Gazprom – RusVelo contracts extension and firming up existing squad

12nd stage of Tour of Estonia 2016 / photo: Ardo Säks
Photo: Ardo Säks

Gazprom – RusVelo recently announced two-year deal extensions with five riders: Alexander Foliforov, Ivan Savitskiy, Ildar Arslanov, Roman Maikin and Artem Nych. All riders will represent the team in 2017-2018.

«We continue to develop our main idea, which is to create a strong single nation cycling team capable of winning at the highest level»– said Renat Khamidulin, the general manager of the team.

He also noted that there are a lot of cyclists who’ve just started their professional career in Gazprom-RusVelo: «We want to help them to adapt to european life and training conditions, to teach them to work independently and achieve solid results. Our sport directors spend most of their time with the team to share their experience and knowledge with riders, it’s the only way to achieve short term goals and create a foundation for a long professional life for our guys». Renat Khamidulin is confident that Gazprom – RusVelo plays a crucial role in support of the Russian national cycling team, which mostly consists of cyclists from Gazprom – RusVelo.

Riders are happy to stay in the team for the next two years too. «I feel that I’m developing as a rider, and will be happy to show personal results and help teammates to achieve their goals. I am very motivated and I hope to contribute to the next seasons victories» – IvanSavitsky said.

«Gazprom-RusVelo is like a family to me, and I am very pleased that we’ve extended our cooperation. Team provides me with everything that I need to develop myself as a grand tour contestant. That’s my goal and my main focus for a future» – says Alexander Foliforov.

«I am very happy that we’ve extended our deal with Gazprom-RusVelo. This year was one of the best in my career and I want to thank the team, sponsors and all my teammates for trust and opportunity to do my best. We are on the right path and we have everything to win on the highest level» – Roman Maikin said.