Gazprom – RusVelo continues the autumn season with three Italian classics

3This will be an eventful week for Gazprom — RusVelo with three prestigious races taking place. The Russian cycling team is to compete in Coppa Agostoni on the 13th, Coppa Bernocchi on the 14th and Memorial Marco Pantani on the 16th of September.

All races have 1.1 UCI categories and are parts of famous series of Italian autumn classics. The youngest Memorial Marco Pantani was incepted in 2004, whilst Coppa Agostoni and Coppa Bernocchi feature a longer history and were firstly raced in 1946 and 1919. The distances of one-day races are quite similar with the length of almost 200 kilometres each. However, altimetries are different and whereas Coppa Bernocchi is for pure sprinters, Memorial Marco Pantani and Coppa Agostoni with the challenging hill climbs are for craggy specialists and all-rounders with strong finishing abilities.

Coppa Agostoni will be a debut race in a professional team for Nikolay Cherkasov, who signed a contract with Gazprom — RusVelo for the following two years.

An experienced climber of Gazprom — RusVelo Ivan Rovny gave a comment about his preparation and expectations for the upcoming races: “To prepare for the Italian autumn classics we completed an altitude cycling training camp in Livigno. Team’s trainings turned out to be very productive and we are ready for the upcoming races. Everyone in the team is highly motivated and set up to use the remaining chances. Coppa Agostoni is one of my favourite races and I look forward to crossing the starting line on Wednesday. The altimetry of Memorial Marco Pantani, which will be on Saturday, perfectly suits me and I will do everything that’s possible to fight for the highest places.”

Gazprom — RusVelo line-up for Coppa Agostoni: Ildar Arslanov, Artem Nych, Sergey Firsanov, Alexey Rybalkin, Ivan Rovny, Dmitry Kozonchuk, Nikolay Cherkasov, Evgeny Kobernyak.

Line-up for Coppa Bernocchi: Pavel Brutt, Roman Maikin, Sergey Lagutin, Alexander Porsev, Nikolay Trusov, Dmitry Kozonchuk, Anton Vorobyev, Stepan Kurianov.

Line-up for Memorial Marco Pantani: Ildar Arslanov, Artem Nych, Sergey Lagutin, Sergey Firsanov, Alexander Foliforov, Alexey Rybalkin, Ivan Rovny, Dmitry Kozonchuk.