Brussels Cycling Classic and GP de Fourmies are the next races for Gazprom – RusVelo

3Gazprom — RusVelo is to start the autumn part of the season with two one-day races: Brussels Cycling Classic on the second of September and GP de Fourmies on the third.

Both races have the highest UCI categories and are included in Europe Tour. Brussels Cycling Classic is one of the oldest cycling contests in the world. Held first in 1893, the Belgian race known as Paris-Bruxelles, had a different calendar date and route.  Brussels Cycling Classic got its current name in 2013 and since that the race has been held in the Belgian territory. This year it will be a 97th edition.

The inception of GP de Fourmies dates back to 1928. In recent years the French race has been steadily catching on and in 2005 got its current highest category. The contest organizers are set up to forge ahead and claim a place in the UCI World Tour. Today it’s considered as one of the most significant races of French Road Cycling Cup.

The Belgian and French races have similar road courses, lengths and also they are held close to each other. On the second of September riders are to roll out and cross the finish line in Brussels covering the total distance of 201 kilometres, whilst the French race with 205 kilometres distance starts and finishes in the northwest of country on the third of September.

Both road courses are certainly appealing for sprinters and all-rounders with strong finishing abilities. Even though the altimetries are not completely flat, the existing short hill climbs won’t be enough to challenge the sprinters. Both races are expected to end up with the bunch finishes.

The strongest sprinters of Gazprom — RusVelo are heading to Belgium and France to defend the colours of the team. Main hopes are on Alexander Porsev and Ivan Savitskiy, who are in great form and look forward to the upcoming races.

Alexander Porsev shared his expectations about the forthcoming contests: “This season is going quite complicated due to the series of crashes and injuries. I had a great opportunity at the European Championship, but ended up in a final sprint crash. My motivation is enormous, I am desperate for victories in the remaining part of the season. However, it’s not so many chances left, thus upcoming Brussels Cycling Classic and GP de Fourmies are highly important. I know what to expect from these races, as I have competed in them several times and will do everything possible to prevail in the bunch sprints.”

Gazprom – RusVelo line-up: Igor Boev, Pavel Brutt, Roman Maikin, Ivan Savitskiy, Artur Ershov, Alexander Porsev, Nikolay Trusov, Stepan Kurianov.