Anastasia Voinova won second gold medal at Uci Track Cycling World Championships

Anastasia Voinova won again at Track Cycling World Championships in London, in the 500 meters race. The rider of Gazprom-RusVelo, with this important success, gave the second gold medal to the russian national team.

Anastasia Voinova signed the fastest time with 32”959, with an average speed of 54.613 kilometers per hour. She has been confirmed as the world’s best specialist of this distance: in fact, she also has the world championship record with 32”769.

«I’m not going to play a hero, – she commented after the race, with obvious happiness, – frankly speaking, when I woke up this morning, moral sensations were bad: after yesterday crash I accused several bruises and I was worried about the knee pain. However, when I sat on a cycle roller, I learned that I could handle the difficulties and I prepared to defend the world title. And that is what I did».

The splendid result can be a major boost of confidence also in the upcoming Rio Olympics.


Photo: Bob Martin